What Kind of Paint To Use On Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wood cabinet in kitchen, works often well than other material to be used. Wood is a component that needs care, paint and polish as well, when wood is prepared by the workers it has to be sanded properly as if it is not processed properly it often does not work well with paint.

what kind of paint to use on wood kitchen cabinets

Whereas any wood that has been sanded properly needs paint for the gloss and its shinny look. But it won’t be working long-lasting because every paint has its own life span and after that paint has to be done again.

Paint is best for abraded surface, nominating wood cabinet for paint is a great idea.  The thing really matters here is that what kind of paint you have to use on the cabinets which would give a good look as well as will be the durable.

Oil Paint To Be Used On Kitchen Wood Cabinet

Oil paint is usually used for the kitchen cabinets which are used quite roughly as getting stain on the surface can be easily removed and can be easy to be applicable with only a brush, as it is long lasting and has not that much expense on its maintenance you can regularly clean it by a sponge socked in warm water the only thing you have to do is to wipe the cabinet up and it will be brand new again.

It is also known for its resistibility as this property makes it quite different from the others, But coming toward the friction between the cabinet and the drawer there is a flaw, it cannot resist the friction created  the paint somehow gets dull and becomes rough.

Another flaw which has to be discuss is that while painting kitchen wood cabinets with oil paint there is gap to be needed between the coats, oil paint takes time to dry which in case takes time for the second layer of paint to be done because one coat of paint is not enough for the wood cabinet.

This whole process need your cabinets to be empty for two days. Keeping thing in newly painted cabinets can smell really bad as the paint is fresh it will give smell to the things kept in that.

Latex Paint For Kitchen Wood Cabinet

Latex paint is the best option to be availed for the cabinets since it dries faster than all the other paints having low level of organic compounds. Latex paints are usually water based and the ratio of VOCs is less than the other paints, if you want to get your cabinet paint inside out you have to give this paint priority because this paint has also no harm for the edible things kept in that.

Some people are allergic to the smell of other paints with high quantity of VOCs, Latex paint has no effect of VOCs because of the water based property the ratio of VOCs is very little.

You have to be pretty sure that before painting the cabinet you have properly cleaned the surface because latex paint has a very unique texture, on the other hand oil paint is quite smooth in even rough surface but latex paint needs a proper smooth surface for the glossy and beautiful texture.

Just make sure that if you’re painting wood cabinets, you properly prep the surface before using latex paint. While oil-based paint goes on smooth, even over wood surfaces, latex paint is more likely to show variances in the grain or texture. If you want a smooth, even look, you’ll need to do some prep work beforehand to make your painting project a success.

Advantages/Disadvantages For Latex And Oil Paint

There are some disadvantages and advantages for both the paints depending on the nature of wood and use which as are follow in the given table;

Oil Paint

Can be easily cleanedHuge amount of Vocs
Gives good coverage against grainsYellowish shade
Smooth FinishTakes about a day to dry

Latex Paint

Dries quicklyCant scrub
Very low ratio of VocsRequires time for good finish
Can be done on any previous surfaceTexture & Gloss is great

Both the paints are here to be chose but a wise decision to be done is that to first judge that nature of the use you are going to get. If you are going to get oil paint the pros and cons are there same for the latex paint.

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