How To Clean And Organize Your House In One Day

Home is a place where you spend most of your time. Cleaned and well organized home not only puts a positive and pleasant sway on you but also portrays your excellence of household capabilities on guests to your home.

how to clean and organize your house in one day

Clean And Organize Your House In One Day Guide

If you dawdle in cleaning your house, you will be adding burden to yourself and when lastly you have to get it done, you may be overwhelmed with immense tension and confusion from where to commence and end. Cleaning the house in one full jump will take a hefty portion of your day, but once it’s done, you can enjoy the fruit for weeks and if maintained and organized then for months.Every home need cleanliness of their house hold items and rooms,garden,roof, lawn chairs,etc..

Let’s take a day to clean and organize your entire house. Though it’s a little tough task but absolutely achievable. First asses your home situation,prioritise your chores then graph a plan to attack.

Plan to go room by room. Allocate time to each area and room so that entire cleanliness and organising to be done in one planned day in specified time.Before starting the task turn on some good music, roll up your sleeves and tie up your hair. After all you are going on a big expedition.

First get rid of all unwanted and no longer needed stuff and separate it in two boxes; one for charity and other for the garbage.

The biggest pile in any home is of clothes. Arrange them according to every individual in house. Separate the closest drawers for everyone and fold the clothes and arrange nicely by using box organizers for different wearing. Hang formal and fancy wearing in closet. Put all shoes in shoes rack or in lower most drawer of the closet.

In kitchen arrange all the pots and utensils separately and properly.Get rid of all unnecessary bottles and jars and arrange all the spices, cereals etc. in containers and cabinets. Mark the name of spices on the jars. Also put some warm water and cleaning liquid on kitchen’s floor while doing other task.

Once done with organizing the stuff, equip yourself with the cleaning tools and start your mission. Carry mop, brush or vacuum cleaner with a garbage bag.Before beginning with the rooms, you can put the cleaning liquids in washroom to let it stay; meanwhile you can do other chores.

Now devise your plan from the worst to the best and start with the messiest room/area of the house. Your strategy should be top to the bottom; first clean the ceiling and walls to the floor. Move out the furniture where you need to clean the corner and the surface and clean these areas.

Meanwhile spray the mirrors, windows, door, tables, etc. and wipe off after few minutes. Clean the floor with the brush or vacuum cleaner and later mop out the dust with the damp cloth.

Once the floor is dried move back the furniture or relocate to have a new look of the room. Keep filling garbage bag with unwanted stuff. Organize and put the items back to their places. Toys, CDs, other stuff like that should be put in organising bags and be stored in drawers. Better to label all the containers.

So that later, only required box be opened when needed. Match the tasks done with the planned list and move on to the next room and carry out the same process with other variations as per requirement and room type.

In the last clean the floors, bowls, wash basins of kitchen and washrooms. Put light fragrances, washed towels and other toiletries. Arrange and keep all these items properly.

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