5 Best Floating Shelves for Towels in Bathroom

The bathroom is usually the messiest space in the house. No matter the size of your bathroom, it is important to have a designated place to store towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. With these shelves your bathroom will be under control.

Best Floating Shelves for Towels in Bathroom

Adding a floating wall shelf or a shelf on wheels is an easy way to add some charm and order to a bathroom at the same time. Here are more of our favorite bathroom shelf ideas.

Amada Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

About this Product

  • Free your home from clutter. Thanks for the magic of “floating” you can place luxury items in an unexpected place – on the wall. Rustic shelves can help make full use of the empty wall, saving much more space and making your room look bigger and neater.
  • An attractive addition to the wall: Does the wall of your house look smooth? If you want to bring your wall to life, try Paulownia Wood Floating Shelves. A unique gray with industrial triangular metal brackets that perfectly match the rustic and contemporary style, which would make an attractive decoration to fit any design style in your room.
  • Size Matters: With a size of 16.5 inches. The wall shelves are wider and longer than the regular shelves on the market, providing more space and no worries for things to slide out. Large: 16.5 × 6 × 4.3 inches; medium: 14.2 × 6 × 4.3 inches; small: 11.4 × 6 × 4.3 inches. Easy to install in a few minutes with all the necessary tools included.
  • Tired of cheap quality? Say no! to cheap and easy to break shelves, with our premium wood shelves composed of solid paulownia wood and reinforced metal brackets, strong enough to hold up to 39.7 lbs, ideal for organizing books, collectibles, plants, trophies on the wall without occupy horizontal space on the floor.
  • Design your way: Do you want to design the wooden shelves in your favorite style? Install the brackets on top of the table or below, arrange the layout to suit your needs or to suit your personal decorating style. Who knows your home better than you when it comes to design, simply customize the shelves to create your dream home.

Plastic Wall Hanging Towel Storage Organizer for Bathroom

About this Product

  • Simple Storage – Keep bathrooms neat and orderly with this storage rack; This durable organizer has an oversized shelf with raised sides; ideal for storing cloths and rolled towels; Use to store cotton ball tins, canes, rounds and more – keep bath salts, room fresheners, candles, facial tissues and other accessories within easy reach – ideal for a decorative wall touch in the bathroom . ; Use one or combine several for a larger storage system
  • INSTANT ORGANIZER – The clean and modern style of this shelf organizer will add some flair to your storage and complement your décor; beautiful and functional, this bookcase provides a convenient storage option in any room in the house; This is the perfect decorative wall accent for displaying photos, storing books, organizing plants and other folds. Tip: hang the shelf in the kitchen, near a window, and store mini herbs. TS for fresh herbs all year round
  • Functional and versatile: create additional storage space where you need it and take advantage of unused wall space; use in kitchens to store accessories and cookbooks; ideal in the laundry room or utility room for storing detergents and cleaning supplies; This practical shelf is also ideal for garages, offices and more; easily mounts to the wall with included hardware; great for homes, apartments, condos, college dorms, caravans, caravans. cabins; Quick and easy to install – hardware is included
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Made of durable BPA-free and chlorine-free plastic, unbreakable; easy care, clean with mild soap and water; do not place in the dishwasher.
  • Considered Size: Each measures 6.5 x 17 x 8 inches.

Wall Mounted Floating Shelves, Bathroom Shelf 

About this Product

  • HIGH-QUALITY PINE WOOD FLOATING SHELVES – Wall-mounted floating shelves are made of high-quality pine wood, which is harder and denser than other shelves made of paulownia wood or particle board, for authentic beauty and durability .
  • Floating Shelves Never Rust: The metal frame with thick anti-rust paint has strong bearing capacity. The paint-coated towel rail can withstand scratches and will not rust. The beautiful shape, tectonic concise, firm structure, corrosion resistance.
  • Easy to install: easy installation, includes all necessary tools and simple instructions (Spanish language not guaranteed). Floating shelves contain two 16 “x 6” boards with a metal frame and a removable towel holder that can be installed under the floating shelf or on a wall.
  • Extra Extra: Compared to similar shelves, there is one more towel bar and 5 hooks on floating shelves where you hold more towels and hooks for kitchen or bathroom staff like bath balls, spoons, brushes, glasses, oven mitts, etc.
  • NO RISK TO BUY – Don’t worry about buying our wall mounted floating shelves. We promise to provide a full refund if you are not satisfied with the purchase. Don’t hesitate to contact us for whatever reason. Note: The removable towel rail needs to drill a hole by yourself to be installed under the shelves. Due to conveying pressure, some metal frames will be out of balance. Just a slight stretch to restore balance.

Industrial Pipe Shelving

About this article

  • MULTIPLE USES – This 2-tier industrial bookcase has a unique water pipe design, it is chic and artistic, especially suitable for retro industrial style. This industrial bookshelf is a lovely decoration and can be matched with your home mounting style and can be placed in many places such as kitchens, bathrooms, farms and bars, coffee shops (display as wall cup holder), anywhere else you want to install.
  • 【To hang on the wall to create storage space】 This 24 ” 2 Tier Iron Pipe Shelf won’t take up much room in the house. On the contrary, these tube shelves with wood will create more storage space to help you organize better. In addition, the metal round tube hanging shelf bracket is fixed on the wall, which improves the stability and firmness.
  • Good Load-bearing Capacity and Long-Time Use: This wooden plank tube shelf, which is 0.8 ” thick, ensures that it has good load-bearing capacity. Tube kitchen shelves with hooks are sturdy enough to hold a bunch of things you need. It is very durable and you don’t have to worry about it being easily cracked.
  • OPEN STORAGE DESIGN FOR CONVENIENT REMOVAL: These industrial bathroom shelves are designed with open storage space, ensure you can take things directly without hurting your hands. It can be used as a kitchen shelf to place oil and sauce cans, as a shelf in the living room or bathroom to display makeup stuff or change clothes.
  • 【Good Gift Choice】: These industrial tube shelves are suitable for retro style, it will be a special and useful gift to leave a great impression on the occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, housewarming and much more.

Tangkula 2-Tier Rack with Towel Bar 

About this Product

  • Simple and elegant shelf: The bathroom shelf has a simple and elegant design, the chrome iron material is full of metallic texture. Conveniently store your laundry products and dry towels, while adding a modern feel to your bathroom or laundry room. It is an ideal option for you.
  • Space Saving Solution: Bathroom towel bars are a perfect drying solution for homes. This is a wall shelf that can be installed on the wall. Its design maximizes the space on your floor. Its design maximizes the space in your room. This holder features 2 plates and 2 towel racks, offering plenty of storage space.
  • 【Multi-function design】 The bathroom towel rack is an ideal choice for the bathroom, laundry room or garden. It can not only be used to hang towels, but can also be used to dry clothes and other small items. It can make your home clean and beautiful.
  • STURDY AND RUST-PROOF: The 2-tier wall shelf is made of chrome-plated iron. It has a large load capacity that can support up to 8.6 lbs of weight, and the material is stainless. It is very suitable for humid environments, such as bathrooms or laundries. So it can serve your family for a long time.
  • Installation and easy to clean: Bathroom wall shelves need to be assembled by yourself. You can quickly assemble the article and use it in a clear and easy to understand manual (Spanish language not guaranteed). And with a damp cloth you can easily clean dirty stains.

One of the best options for the bathroom. You can put toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc., and hang the towel underneath.

The razor, straightening iron, toothbrush and towels, these and many other everyday objects should be found in a bathroom. It is important that these can also be stored safely and well.

With a suitable shelf, this shouldn’t actually be an impossible task. However, some considerations should be made before purchasing. Especially when it comes to the shelves for the bathroom.

They should be able to demonstrate high quality workmanship and at the same time fit harmoniously into the room. There are now many shelves on the market that have been specially manufactured for wet rooms.

Such shelves usually increase the service life and durability. Sufficient storage space in a bathroom is in short supply in most households. However, there are very practical solutions which provide much more storage space in a bathroom.

Before a renovation or a completely new installation, however, a few important points should be observed. The following checklist reveals what is important when furnishing with shelves. If you pay attention to these points, you will definitely enjoy the furniture for a very long time.

It feels incomplete if there is no bathroom shelf in the bathroom. You can use the bathroom shelf to store various items, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and so on. Various designs and sizes, there are so many options that you can include in the selection.

In this article, we will explain in detail the steps in choosing a bathroom shelf. You will also find a list of recommendations for the best bathroom shelves, such as IKEA, Maspion, and so on. Stay tuned for more and find your favorite product!

How to choose a bathroom shelf

Finding the right bathroom shelf is easier to do if you listen to the tips below. Check out our full explanation!

Depending on each manufacturer, bathroom shelves can be made using a variety of materials.

There are three materials that are commonly used to make bathroom shelves. There are shelves made of wood, plastic / PVC or similar materials, and metal.

Choose a product based on its material and water resistance

Wood products look elegant when installed in the bathroom. A great choice if you want to decorate your bathroom with classy shelves.

Even so, compared to the other two materials, wooden shelves are most susceptible to water. As a solution, you can choose a shelf made from teak, which is known to be very strong and waterproof.

Meanwhile, plastic shelves are the right choice for those of you who prioritize price. Plastic bathroom shelves are usually the most pocket-friendly compared to the other two materials. Naturally, plastic material is very resistant to water.

On the other hand, metal shelves give a modern look and are very durable. Especially when coated with stainless steel, metal racks are not easily broken or damaged even though they are often exposed to water. Must be considered if you value product durability.

The bathroom shelf is certainly installed in the bathroom. This makes him continue to be exposed to water. If the material is not waterproof, the shelf will quickly break. Therefore, it is very important for you to know the waterproof power of your chosen shelf.

Check the ease of cleaning and drying the shelves

The bathroom shelf will be used to store body cleaning items. Therefore, it is very important that the cleanliness of the bathroom shelves is maintained.

You can choose a product with less insulation to make it easier to clean. Also check whether there are certain mechanisms to ensure that water does not stagnate on the shelves, for example, drains and the like.

Moreover, make sure that the shelves dry quickly. This is important to prevent germs or mold on the shelf. It’s true, you can quickly wipe the shelves when they get wet. However, when you are in a hurry, of course you will not have time to dry it.

Well, in these conditions, of course, you will leave the shelf to dry on its own. Products with good air circulation certainly make the shelves dry completely faster.

Choose products based on the location where they are placed

There is a bathroom shelf that is attached to the wall. Products like this are the right choice if you want to place your bathroom shelves in a space-saving way. You can install it in an area of the wall that is still empty or unused.

There are products that are affixed to the wall and some are nailed. If the product needs to be nailed, you will need to spend more time and effort making holes in the walls. Also, once the shelves are in place you can’t move them right away when needed.

Meanwhile, for those of you who prioritize practicality and ease of moving shelves, products that are placed on the floor or sink are the solution. Simply by being placed in the bathroom, you can immediately use it. Whenever needed, you can also move it immediately. Make sure to provide a special space in the bathroom to use it, huh!

Choose based on the number of storage shelves

You can make things neat and separate by choosing products with lots of storage racks. As long as you are willing to spend the extra time cleaning them, you will always keep the shelves clean.

It is important to remember, as the number of shelves increases, the size of the shelves becomes larger. If you don’t put a lot of items on the shelf, a product with just one storage shelf is the right choice. Cleaning it is easier, the area needed to place it is much less.

Check for additional advantages

The existence of additional advantages makes bathroom shelves more functional to use. For example, a product with a hook or hook you can use to hang clothes or towels at the same time.

In addition, the rack with wheels is very easy to move whenever you want. Check whether there are additional advantages on the shelf that you are looking for before deciding to buy it.


Bathroom shelves are not only functional to use, but also can beautify the room. Checking the materials, water resistance, and ease of cleaning and drying the shelves are the right steps.

After that, you can choose products with the size and number of shelves as needed. How to install, and additional advantages do not escape your attention. Come on, have your favorite bathroom shelf right away!

FAQ: Floating Shelves for Towels

Which Bathroom shelves are the best?

We looked at many bathroom shelves. Sometimes there are big differences in terms of functionality and features. We like these models best.

Are there any bathroom shelves currently on offer?

Yes, there are currently some offers. We have looked at the currently reduced shelves for bathrooms and present the most interesting ones.

Which bathroom shelves are often bought?

Customers often know best which products are the best. For this reason, if you want to buy bathroom shelves, you should take a look at the bestseller list of the most frequently bought bathroom shelves.

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