10 Best Floating Shelves For The Bathroom 2021

Wood decorations are very common in every household. People can’t resist the house decorations like brick designing, bold backsplashes in the kitchen, and the best floating shelves for bathrooms.

The crazy thing about decor is that this has a direct effect on your mood. For people who need a stockpile in their house, floating shelves are the new trend.

They are like wooden shelves supported at two invisible points making the design look sleek. The mirrored box contains fewer things just the toothbrushes and medicines. But for more storage, you need these shelves as they are the best option. You can also use on the above of Bathroom Faucets Wall it will look more good.

You can keep your towels, shampoos, and many more things over it. To make the bathroom more natural you can add pots there too.

Best Floating Shelves For The Bathroom 2021

best floating shelves for bathroom

This new decor idea very well suits everyone’s house as they are stylish with the touch of little creativity.

The best thing is that this stockpile does not cover much space because of less hardware design. It can hold on to just inside joint points which supports the shelves. Some of them use metal brackets to be mounted with the wall.

Furthermore, they come in a wide range of materials and styles. For instance, black metallic wired shelves, ditch the mirror round wooden shelves, and many more. Now let’s have a look at some floating shelves which are best for your home decorations:

Melannco Floating Wall Shelves:

Melannco is best known for its bathroom wall shelves. The only color available is dark grey. You can fix them at any place in your house.

These are wooden shelves with dark grey as a finishing touch. This multipurpose floating shelve is the best choice to have because it can store anything from towels to books.


Color Dark grey 


  • The total set includes four shelves: 24,20,12 & 6 inches long and 4 inches deep
  • High-quality wood is used in its construction, This MDF made it uniquely beautiful and lightweight.
  • Moreover, they come with cubes of square shapes as well for keeping little decoration pieces.
  • Easy to install
  • Don’t take much space
  • Elegant décor design can be achieved by these shelves
  • You can put anything without the fear of its breaking
  • The screws that come with it do not serve the way they have to.

Danpoo Metal Wall Shelving Solution:

This metal wall shelving is available only in one color; black. The packaging includes, screws, glue, and aluminum finished shelves.

This aluminum coating makes them durable. Its ones in 3 sizes: 12, 16, 20 inches. It can support up to 30LB weight. The design is very unique which makes these the modern floating shelves for bathrooms.


Color Matte Black 


  • Aluminum material is used in its making means longevity at a reasonable price
  • These walls shelves come with screws, glue, and a manual which helps in easy installation
  • This model is designed based on modern demands: modern rustic design
  • You can install them at any place: kitchen, room, and bathroom 
  • The surface is smooth which makes it to be cleaned easily
  • The shelve can fit small spaces as well
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Modern design
  • Offer multiple choices in sizes
  • Can support a large amount of weight
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Only in one color
  • Not many choices in its shapes

Melannco Floating Railing Shelf:

This shelf is also made by Melannco company which is best for showing your favorite pictures, keepsakes, and other things like that. These are the best-designed wall shelves for your office.

They give your home and office an appealing look. This also came with a mounting hanger at the top for convenience in installation. Further, it comes in different shapes and sizes which’s why it can be considered as the best wall shelves bathroom ideas.


Color Distressed Grey 
Pieces1 or 2


  • The floating railing shelf can support your small decors
  • Easy to hang because of the hanger at the top
  • Easy to clean: you can clean it even with the help of a dry cloth
  • Easy hanging
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Lightweight because of the MDF wood used in it
  • Metal railing adds to its sleek look
  • Melannco has only manufactured this shelf in one size

Admir Modern Floating Shelves:

This floating shelf is produced by Admir which gives an amazing look to your bathroom. It is fixed with the help of metal holders at the top ends with the help of screws. A wide range of sizes is available for this floating shelf.

This is a marble shelf that will match with the marvel used in the titles of your bathroom. The white color and marble material made it the best white floating shelves for the bathroom.


Color White


  • High-quality material is used in its production
  • You can furnish your bedroom, bathroom, drawing room and even office with it.
  • The premium bras make them stylish and durable
  • Photos, spices, towels, cosmetics, and many more things can be supported by this shelf
  • It can work with different walls. Those include wooden walls, plastered walls, and solid walls.
  • It can also be used in farmhouses. This makes it an ideal gift too.
  • Easy installation and sturdy plan
  • It can not be mounted with Gypsum walls
  • Heavier

American Flat Floating Shelves:

Americanflat’s these floating shelves are found in many color schemes and sizes. The rectangular americanflat shelves are made with the MDF wood composite which makes these the best floating shelves for bathroom decors. These amazing shelves will provide your home a sophisticated look. 


Color Grey, white, black, wooden color 


  • Made with MDF wood material
  • These shelves have metal supporters beneath for holding them up.
  • These are cool shelves for decorating your bathroom with their smart designs.
  • You can match these with the interior of your bathroom as they are available in 3 to 4 colors.
  • The set of three shelves come in every package.
  • Sophisticated display
  • Stylish and functional shelves
  • You can select different sizes to décor different parts of your home
  • Less durable than Marble shelves

Melannco Floating Chunky Shelves:

These chunky floating shelves come in 4 different shapes best set for any home decor. This can be used for multi-purposes and delivers more space for your bathroom showpieces, towels, and shampoos, etc. These dark wood floating shelves for the bathroom adds royalty to your place.


Color Dark blue, Grey, dark cherry, Distressed pink, black, navy, and grey 


  • You can have different colored shelves at feasible prices
  • 2 square of the same size and 2 rectangular pieces of different sizes
  • Provide you easy hanging with the help of new screws, anchors, and levels
  • Also, include temperates and instruction sheets
  • Vibrant colors draw the attention of others to your wall display if mounted in the drawing room
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Resealable price
  • Different color choices
  • Not easy to clean

Kiera Grace Modern Floating Shelves:

Kiera Grace’s these modern shelves are considered the best floating shelves for bathroom towels. It’s because of their size. They come in a set of three parallel shelves. The rectangular shelves can carry heavy objects as well.

The uses of these floating shelves are not just limited to the bathroom, you can additionally use them in the entrance, bedroom, near fireplace, and windows. 


BrandKiera Grace
MaterialEngineered wood 
Color White


  • Floating shelves by Kiera grace come in only one color and are made with engineered wood
  • Each shelf can hold around 5 pounds of weight
  • Moreover, you can have stability and more storage place with this medium density fibreboard
  • No extra hardware is needed with it to hang
  • Great stockpiling
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble because no extra metal hardware is required
  • Only in one color

Amada Floating Shelves:

The Amada brand is best known for magically transferring your bathroom walls with their brown floating shelves for the bathroom. They secured to the wall with the help of two holders at both endpoints.

These easy to install floating shelves are very popular nowadays. Students can use them to place their books and frames and others can have them for putting kitchen jars and other pots in the entryway.


MaterialRustic paulownia wood
Color Brown, black, grey, and white


  • The engineered rustic paulownia wood is utilized, this gives it a very amazing look
  • The holding trapezoid brackets at both ends enhance the beauty of your walls. Further, you have to decorate options with these brackets. In the first one, you can place the shelves over these shelves, and in the second option, you can fasten the shelves inside of them.
  • The three sizes can fill your vacant wall with interesting things placed on these floating shelves
  • An interesting thing about these shelves is that they will provide you a free set of 3 in case of any problem found
  • Each shelf has the load-bearing capacity of 40 pounds maximum
  • Versatile storage
  • Elegant design
  • Set of 3 for your collectibles
  • Very sturdy and clear texture
  • Best for concrete walls, drywall, and wood studs.
  • Don’t support heavy objects for a long time

HOOBRO Floating Shelves:

HOOBRO provides you with high-quality medium-density fibreboards for setting your books, photo frames, and other decoration pieces like plant pots. This set of 2 same-sized shelves are great for putting your bathroom or shower things. These can also serve as bathroom floating shelves above the toilet. You can place them above your bed as well.


Color Brown


  • Wooden colored floating shelves come in a set of 2
  • No extra holding brackets are required
  • They can be hanged with the help of two iron pipes
  • Can be mounted on both concrete and bricked walls
  • More patterns can be achieved by their placing them in different
  • Great value to money
  • Easy mounting system
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Heavier
  • Support less stocking of things in the bathroom

Kate and Laurel Levie Wood Floating Wall Shelf:

Kate and Laurel designed its Levie collection of unique wood floating shelves for walls in different colors. It has two drilled holes in it for mounting purposes. You can hang them easily. They provide you with greater holding capacity and durability because of the satin finish painted on the shelves. These are great floating shelves for small bathrooms as they cover less space.


BrandKate & Laurel
Color Black, white, gold, and brown


  • You can display your art, trophies, and photo frames aesthetically
  • Produced with strong wooden material
  • Durable with its different painted finishes
  • These wall ledges provide your home interior an elegant look
  • No assembling is required
  • Durable
  • Not heavy
  • Lesser weight can be held by these shelves
Final verdict:

A home without decorations is not liked by anyone. Different things are available in the market for this purpose. Floating shelves are one of them. They can be used for holding different art crafts, trophies, pots, and photo frames. The variety on these shelves can be offered by many brands. All of them provide high-quality products. This may become difficult to choose one particular product. A list is provided above in case anyone wants to décor his bathroom. These all are reasonable and easy to install floating shelves.

FAQs About Bathroom Floating Shelves:

How do you hang floating shelves in your bathroom?

As the name suggests floating shelves are not part of your house wall. They are embedded in your walls separately. You can hang them with the help of different metal brackets. These metal brackets are secured with the help of screws and glues. Different types of the bracket can be found in the market.

Do floating shelves need studs?

Yes, you can attach the hollow spaces on your shelves with the studs build on the walls. But all the above-mentioned floating shelves need screws and brackets at the endpoints for secure hanging.

How far should floating shelves be above the toilet?

It is suggested that the floating shelves in the toilet should be 2 feet above the tank.

Can you hang floating shelves with command strips?

Yes, you can hang floating shelves with command strips and other likely materials day Velcro mounting strips and scotch fasteners. They are removable and helpful when you want to decorate your leased home.

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